To the east of Auxerre, in the direction of Beaune and Lyon, the A6 motorway follows a slight slope for more than 10 km. Although it never exceeds 4%, this length was a real problem.
In the lowlands, however, two lanes are usually sufficient to ensure traffic flow. But on this long two-lane slope there was a phenomenon of "mobile baffles".

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Many of us have had a hard time at the end of a day on a long trip on the motorway. There are signs that do not deceive, the eyes that tire, we open the window, turn up the sound of the radio, nibble here and there.

Hôtels on A6 motorway rest areas

On the A6 motorway, between Paris and Lyon, here are two rest areas where you can book a hotel room. No need to get off the motorway: you fill up the car, eat and sleep without leaving the motorway!

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